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Our Biggest Dietary Sensitivity Is Information

When you discover a food sensitivity, the shutters fall from your eyes:

That’s why I felt so x after y, it’s because z contained w”

You count moments in your life that could have been way less painful if only you’d known.

We take in food and drink regularly — we have to, to stay alive.

But guess what we consume constantly? Information.

The quantity increases all the time, but the quality? That is up for debate. It’s the double-edged sword of this platform for sure.

Who gets more reads? A brilliant writer, concise, engaging with intriguing headlines and a huge following (but perhaps slightly lower scores on the research and balance)… or a clunky writer, with few followers, who knows their stuff?

On the flipside, an open platform.

We are what we eat. We speak what we listen, watch, read and think.

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The hardest person to say No to is yourself

The thing about having an unhealthy relationship with food is that you can’t let your guard down for a second. There is always an opportunity to make an unhelpful choice, or want to.

Routine is your friend. Staying positive is your friend. Increasing your knowledge is your friend.

But you will still be tested.

And the hardest person to say No to is yourself.


I’ve always found it easy to give advice to others, but very hard to follow my own advice. I know that emotional eating is unhelpful. If I was with a friend of mine and they did…

Wow, these all look awesome. Breakfast, for some reason, feels harder to be creative with (and still healthy) than other meals, so these are great inspiration

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What Are Your Dreams Trying To Tell You?

Working out specific meanings of individual dreams is not something I’ve ever seen done well.

But the themes that keep presenting themselves could be worth observing.

If we accept that dreams represent our brains trying to process thoughts, emotions and observed information, then what our subconscious spits out must be of some interest.

Perhaps one approach is to notice the contexts in dreams, then reflect on whether there’s investigation to do in those areas.

For example, I still have dreams set in an earlier part of my career. I can’t pin down the exact meaning, but I do think this an area where I have unresolved issues.

Think about managing others (be it at work, sports or even family). You need to get to know people before you can try to help or lead them.

Shouldn’t we get to know ourselves better?

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One Thing At A Time

Life gets busy. As a friend of mine says, “We all live crazy busy lives”. It makes it hard to concentrate on one thing. This, in turn, makes it hard to do any one thing the way we want to, or need to.

I’m not talking about perfectionism.

I’m talking about getting something past the tipping point. Moving the needle. Achieving change.

At the moment, this project is my Number 1 priority. It has to be, otherwise I won’t complete it. And my relationship with food will likely stay broken forever. I can’t accept that.

It’s time to learn about…

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Brighten Your Mood — Literally

It’s time to state the obvious. Be reminded of the obvious. Celebrate the obvious:

Sunshine makes you feel better.

One of the things I love about Medium is I can write anything I want. There are no gatekeepers, no office politics, no editor’s favourites — just a publish button.

Today I want to share this gloriously simple insight — if it’s a bright sunny day, get out into it. Feel the sun on your skin. Let the reflected light make everything look sharper, increase the beauty of every colour, move the mood needle from urghh to yay.

We need Spring more than ever this year. We need to hope for a new beginning, an emergence from cover, reluctance and shielding.

Treat yourself to a new pair of shades and get out there.

I don’t need to tell you to smile because it will happen anyway.

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Food, weight and the seasons — the lag factor

I was reflecting today on what I mean when I say “my weight” — it is actually my self-perception. Whether I feel healthy and if I’m happy with how I look. It’s about body image, confidence, happiness, self-acceptance, physical health and mental health.

Wow — that’s a lot to roll into one word, especially one that is already loaded with meaning.

What made me think of all this was the weather. Today in the UK, sunny Wales lived up to it’s name — it was gloriously bright and unseasonably warm.

My mind went to shorts and t-shirt weather in a…

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Is The Friendship Contract Forever?

When you make friends with someone, you make a pact — knowingly or unknowingly — that you will support each other, have each other’s backs, give and take.

You make this unsaid promise at a moment in time, then maintain it over the years. Meanwhile, you, them and the world all change.

It’s not the same with romantic relationships. It’s accepted that when it stops working out, you move on.

In the UK, you can look up the percentage of marriages which end in divorce in a particular year. In our year, the rate is 22%.

Given that the friendship pact is almost marriage-like with your closest friends, does this mean that we will lose 20% of our friends? Perhaps.

What it does mean is that we need to work on our friendships like we work on our marriages — honest communication, compromise and kindness.

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Is food a drug?

I was about to write that I’ve never taken drugs but of course I have — caffeine, alcohol, sugar are all powerful stimulants or depressants.

Is food a drug? Can you become tolerant? Dependent? Addicted?


I found this brilliant article, which sums up so well the issues with food and modern society. It puts the blame for rising obesity squarely at the feet of the profit-motivated food industry and I would completely agree with that.

But, this bit caught my eye in particular:

“I have been addicted to smoking, drinking and briefly to drugs, and recognise the same “hit” from…

Andy Taylor

I want to learn. I try to grow. I’d love to help.

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