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Think and react before it’s too late…

Yes, this article is stating an obvious, well-worn clichéd observation. I’m writing it, because, no matter how much we know that time flies, we do very little in reaction to it.

So this profound observation stays as just a line in a film, or something that your Nan says.

Worth a smile and a nod and then on with life.

No. It’s worth thinking deeper, because that reflection can take you to some important places, and cause significant changes. Let me explain by asking you three simple questions…

Are You Waiting?

In a recent episode of the ‘Beyond The To-Do List’ podcast, author…

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Once you crack these, you’re done.

I know what it’s like to read weight loss articles one after another, desperately trying to find something new or discover an approach I hadn’t thought of or tried.

Others can lose weight, why can’t I? I must be missing something. What’s the secret sauce?

Of course, there really isn’t anything new under the sun, and weight loss does really boil down to this:

  • Pick a process you think will work for you
  • Stick to it
  • Find a way to stay at a healthy weight forever

Three steps that look so easy on paper. But let me tell you, in…

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How a convenient world is eroding our ability to commit and complete

People will mystify you. Annoy you. Confound you. Disappoint you. You’ll be left shaking your head with a wry smile on your face as they do something that makes perfect sense to them but leaves you totally bemused.

And guess what? Probably at exactly the same time you’ll be doing something that seems totally natural to you that will be making someone else experience similar levels of frustration.

This is called life. Billions of different people in the world, all with a slightly different idea of what “the right thing to do” is.

At the end of the day, most…

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Simple to avoid, yet simple to fall into

It is scarily easy to undo hours, weeks, months, even years of work in an instant. This is where the addicts’ refrain of “take each day at a time” comes from.

Be sober for ten years and one drink can put you back to square one.

Hold together your eating and exercise plan for weeks, then one lost weekend of bingeing can put you back to where you began.

What gets you to the point where you struggle to stay on track?

The Nemesis

For me, tiredness is that one thing. There are others, but tiredness makes me crave all the things…

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Take pleasure in transit

Once more I am writing to you from the future (or the past, depending on how you want to look at it).

When you read this, I will be either on my way to, or moving around London — a fantastic city that was my home for many years.

This may sound strange, but I’m looking forward to the transit as much as the activities I am doing there. (I’m meeting friends while I can because — Game Of Thrones style — “winter is coming” and Covid restrictions could hit again).

A car. And my feet. They are all I’ll…

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The three classic reactions and how to deal with each of them

You spend ages crafting something new and unique. It could be a business proposal, an investor deck, a report, an article, a prototype, a cake, or an entirely new look.

You pour your hours, passion and smarts into making it the best you can. You think about how to to explain and present it.

It’s something a bit different. Not what people expect. But what you think works. You go for it. And then you get one of these three reactions….

Some love it. Others need time to absorb it. A few will delight in pulling it to pieces.


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Put yourself in luck’s way

I just read one of the most powerful articles I’ve ever seen on this platform, and I suggest you read it too. It’s by Paul Ryburn, M.Sc. and describes how a series of unrelated and chance events led him into a dangerous spiral.

He made it through, thanks to his own strength of character, and the help of his friends, but it was a close thing.

It made me think — the “normal lives” (each unique) we have created for ourselves… are fragile. …

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Don’t settle for small talk again

Remember how much we used to take time with friends for granted?

We’ll do a coffee tomorrow / See you at the game tonight / Can’t wait to discuss it in the office in the morning / All round ours on Friday evening!

These are phrases that few of us have been able to say with total confidence for 18 months now. And as we (in the Northern Hemisphere) head into autumn and winter, face-to-face time with friends could be limited again.

So take the the chance to meet now. Do it responsibly. And once you’ve navigated your way to…

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Tricky circumstances only make the solution better

We love to dismiss. People, places, situations — we judge them instantly and write them off. Thinking we’re smart, we walk past and shake our heads.

Worshipping at the altars of normality, popularity and “what the world thinks” does get us somewhere…

It gets us to exactly the same place as everyone else.

And then we wonder why our lives feel so “meh”.

Here’s how to take inspiration from restrictions, irregularity and seeming impossibility just by asking (and answering) three simple questions…

Ask “What If?”

Say you wanted to build your own house, but you had way less money than a “regular” house…

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Just check, please…

We all think we’re “a good friend”. But we might not be. Being a friend is not something we can be good at when it’s easy, then not bother the rest of the time.

Friendship is not a framed picture on a wall. It’s an ongoing relationship.

And what do relationships need? C’mon class, let’s all say it together please. 1–2–3…

“Relationships need… WORK!”

So, let’s just make sure we’re doing the basics…

Are You Responding?

The basis of all relationships is communication, so make sure that the channels are open, working and active.

A good friendship doesn’t rely on one person always…

Andy Taylor

I want to learn. I try to grow. I’d love to help.

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