Hi, I'm Andy. I live in Cardiff, Wales, UK. I love writing, learning and trying to be a help to the world in any small way I can. My two core values are honesty and positivity.

I've worked in audio most of my career. I spent a long time at big corporations and companies, then made a deliberate choice to leave that world. I had a year as a stay-at-home Dad, then started my own company (making audio for other people, coaching creativity and inventing new audio tech).

I value balance in life.

I write a lot about diet, fitness and weight (something I've struggled with in my life) and also about mindset, entrepreneurship, writing, mental health and... pretty much anything and everything in between - whatever life throws at me.

I brew my own beer. A fine hobby. My friends particularly like the bit where they get free beer.

Medium is a fantastic place to read a whole load of different voices, and if you like, add yours too. Keep reading. Keep writing.

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