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Are We Aware How Many Conveyor Belts We’re On?

It might be time to walk out of the life factory

I’m reading a lot of stories of people who walked away from ‘normal’ life. There’s Cheryl Strayed’s book ‘Wild’ (she went off and hiked alone for months), and then articles by Matt Lillywhite and Charlie Brown who, at different stages of life, have decided to live on the road, enabled by their financial freedom.

I find them all inspiring. I’ve always been aware of the conveyor belts I’m on — school, university, work, mortgage, suburbia— and it hasn’t stopped me getting on them. But I’m not staring soullessly at the product in front of me as we whirr along the belt, I’m taking a look around.

One day, and it could be soon, I may jump off, and walk out the side door of the factory. I wonder what I’ll find?

I want to learn. I try to grow. I’d love to help.

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