Photo by George Bakos on Unsplash

Brighten Your Mood — Literally

It’s time to state the obvious. Be reminded of the obvious. Celebrate the obvious:

Sunshine makes you feel better.

One of the things I love about Medium is I can write anything I want. There are no gatekeepers, no office politics, no editor’s favourites — just a publish button.

Today I want to share this gloriously simple insight — if it’s a bright sunny day, get out into it. Feel the sun on your skin. Let the reflected light make everything look sharper, increase the beauty of every colour, move the mood needle from urghh to yay.

We need Spring more than ever this year. We need to hope for a new beginning, an emergence from cover, reluctance and shielding.

Treat yourself to a new pair of shades and get out there.

I don’t need to tell you to smile because it will happen anyway.

I want to learn. I try to grow. I’d love to help.

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