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Companies Are So Good At Shooting Themselves In The Foot

Why doesn’t anyone tell them?

Sat in a corporate Zoom meeting somewhere will be a marketing guru using a phrase like this:

“Make it easy to join, and hard to leave”

Companies draw people in, then never let their claws out. Us customers sense this and our guard is up — we always think someone is trying to rip us off.

I got “given” a box of beer by a friend. Lovely. Except I had to join up to a subscription to claim it (Easy! Just one click!) and then had to remember to cancel the subscription. No easy one-click system now, instead a “cancellation line” — long hold time and 20 questions from a call-handler.

Rather than suspecting this company cares about money not customers, I now know it. Congratulations beer company, you just shot yourselves in the foot.

I want to learn. I try to grow. I’d love to help.

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