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Difference Should Inspire Not Scare

Where do we draw the “othering” line?

I’ve been editing a podcast about representation in art. The word “othering” has come up a lot. It’s something that is happening constantly. Every day of our lives, we are (consciously or subconsciously) othering people, and being othered by them in a similar way.

We gravitate toward people similar to us, with shared backgrounds or experiences because they “get” us.

Our brains are so good at making “seen it, done it, get it” shortcuts. Helpful in terms of not having to re-learn basic tasks every day, unhelpful in terms of widening our perspectives.

Here’s the thing. Every time we move towards situations or people our brains may have subconsciously othered… it’s beneficial.

Here’s a simplistic, but at least positive approach. Instead of being scared by difference, how about being inspired?

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