Photo by Nick Stephenson on Unsplash

Done Over Perfect. Every Single Time.

Perfectionism is dangerous. It can stop us finishing and progressing.

The self-help industry doesn’t help. We’re pushed to be “the best version of ourselves” or “live our best life”.

It’s easy to mistake “best” for “perfect”. They aren’t the same.

My kid and I were discussing a home-schooling task. They wanted to continue until they were totally happy with it. I suggested doing the best job in the time available and moving on.

In the end — compromise. I’m glad I got the chance to make my point against perfectionism early on in their life.

My startup’s progress stems from two imperfect moments. I turned up to a meeting not sure what to say. I rushed an application form at a busy time.

I wasn’t totally happy with either but got them done. I did my best.

Done over perfect — every single time.

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