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Encourage Your Friends

If you only do one thing today, do this

Have you noticed the massive problem with self-improvement? The clue is in the name. In fact it’s the first four letters:


Self-improvement is self-centred. It focuses on you, isolates you, makes you the most important thing. Take a look around this platform. The word “you” is everywhere. Making one person, the reader, the center of attention.

But you are not alone in this world, unless you choose to be (some do). For most of us, life is given meaning by the other people in our lives. Family, friendship, community, relationships.

I understand sometimes we need to look at ourselves to address an issue. Peruse my writing on here — I do it enough! But please, let’s encourage others. Pick a friend today, contact them and give them a boost. You won’t regret it.

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