Episode 10 of The Nant Fawr Brews Podcast is Live

I reconnect with an old friend and make a game-changing discovery…

Andy Taylor


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It’s been a while since I have published an NFB episode and it’s for a couple of reasons.

Life has been busy (I certainly haven’t had the time to write much on Medium but perhaps that is, literally, another story).

I also had a concussion. I fell by accident onto some concrete, and — as the doctor explained to me — the whiplash shook my brain in my head like a tennis ball in a jar.


Not really. Actually, quite scary.

The advice was to stay off the booze for two weeks and that led me back to a company I had used years before when avoiding alcohol due to marathon training.

I placed an order with Dry Drinker and when the beers arrived I was blown away by the quality.

I couldn’t believe how far things had come in 6 years. It’s not as if I hadn’t had any low or no alcohol beers in that time… it’s just that I’d stuck to what I could get in superstores. And only as a last resort.

But DryDrinker.com is a company that was started out of passion. I know because I was one of its first customers. The founder, Stuart Elkington, hand delivered the case I bought all those years back.

When people are passionate, what their company does is noticeably better. That’s an important lesson in business as much as it is in beer (or anything else).

Suddenly, the difference in quality of these beers (above the mainstream) I had ordered made complete sense. And an idea formed in my head. I’d get back in touch with Stuart and see if he wanted be a guest on the podcast.

He agreed and we had great fun reconnecting and chatting. Now the episode is out and I would love you to listen to it.

Stuart is definitely a big deal in the global drinks industry now, and that makes him — probably — the highest profile guest I have had on so far.

So, I’m really trying to promote this episode as a chance to put NFB in front of the eyes and ears of more people. I love making this podcast, and I get such lovely feedback from those who listen to…



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