Episode 9 of The Nant Fawr Brews Podcast is Live

…and it combines the most bizarre of ingredients in a way that really works

Andy Taylor
3 min readFeb 22, 2023
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There’s a joke that’s been around for a while:

“I met someone the other day who didn’t have a podcast. Weirdo.”

I was aware of this joke when I started my own podcast — inspired by my joyous journey into homebrewing — and did consider whether it was just a huge vanity project and a waste of everybody’s time (including my own).

But… nine episodes in to The Nant Fawr Brews podcast, I’m really glad I did decide to go ahead. I’m having fun, and, really, that’s enough of a reason on its own.

If people enjoy listening to it, or being a guest on it then that is a bonus. Fortunately, I have it on good authority that both of these are true.

The one thing I’m not chasing is “success” (which usually is just a convenient codeword for “money”). If it grows, it grows, and I’m certainly not averse to commercialising it if demand is there.

But the main motivation is to have fun and tell interesting stories.

Which is where this episode comes in.