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Ever Noticed This Obvious Sign Of How Happy You Are?

It all makes sense now

The world is becoming a more competitive place and we are complicit. You and me didn’t invent capitalism and consumerist culture, but we keep it going.

You and me didn’t ask for social media to become a hideous “My life is better than yours” (but I’m secretly miserable) contest. And yet, we keep posting, liking and sharing.

All this pressure to be the best, have the most, be “a success” does strange, bad things to us. It make us unhappy. One tell-tale sign is when we see others make progress and deep down, we’re seething, because we’re jealous.

So if we can genuinely be happy for someone when they achieve or progress (or just when they are happy themselves) then that is a great sign that, we ourselves, are doing OK.

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