Photo by The Matter of Food on Unsplash

Expression Is A Natural Product

Write a song, paint a picture or put words on a page — you are expressing yourself. What comes out isn’t always what you expect. It can be awkward, angular or messy.

There’s a disclaimer on certain food packaging — the product is natural, there will be variations.

Even if it’s not what you thought you’d make, there is value in your creation — to youself. That’s the first piece of good news.

Here’s the second:

You have no idea how, where, when, why or to whom it may be useful. It could infuriate someone and inspire positive action.

It may make someone feel understood. It could entertain or distract someone at the perfect moment.

This is why I’m drawn to create (Yes, I’m aware how pretentious that sentence sounds).

It helps me. And maybe — though I have no control over it — it could help others.

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