Photo by Dayne Topkin on Unsplash

Good Times Are Coming

Looking forward to something is a powerful motivator and comforter. A hot mug of tea after a long cold, wet, walk. A family gathering after months apart.

The scale doesn’t matter. It’s the vision of something positive that counts.

Everyone seems to be asking this question at the moment:

“When will we get back to normal?”

Normality is closer than we think, further away than we want, and impossible.


Closer — little elements of withdrawn freedoms will return slowly. This will be a joy. We will luxuriate in the one-by-one return of simple pleasures we took for granted for years.

Further — for some (those at high risk), release will be further off and they will have to watch and wait, which will be hard.

Impossible — our world has changed. But I for one think the new normal can be better.

Good times are coming.

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