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Hey, Companies! Stop Being So Rubbish With Money

Treat people respectfully or disappear

Like it or not, Medium is an echo chamber. Your personal (yup, unique to you) homepage is designed to offer stuff you like, will agree with and will merrily click and read.

(While Mr Al Go Rithm chuckles in the background — mwhahahahaha!)

I see a lot of stories about the death of the company and the rise of the solopreneur (of which I am one). Perhaps I’m being spoon-fed my favourite medicine?

But, if companies continue to disrespect potential employees, freelancers and customers in regards to money, their days truly are numbered.

When a freelancer works for you, pay them on time. If you advertise a job, give an actual salary, not a “range” or worse, nothing. If your product goes wrong, issue a refund.

It’s not hard. But it seems to be for most companies.

I want to learn. I try to grow. I’d love to help.

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