Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

How Real Do You Perceive Your World To Be?

Simulacrum. It means an image or representation of a person or thing. This fascinating article argues, mind-blowingly, that the chances of our existence being a simulated reality are more than 50/50.

It all comes down to logic. I won’t try to sum it up in 150 words here.

But, we each form our own simulacrums anyway. We think the real world is our world. The people we associate with, the place we live, the conversations we have. Increasingly tech is helping us make this word unreal. The echo chamber of social media, or the way your Medium home page is presented to you.

I know Medium is a more open, less mercenary platform than my homepage says it is.

If tech can’t adjust to us changing, are we just getting trapped in a simulated reality we didn’t choose?

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