Photo by Clark Van Der Beken on Unsplash

How The Bedrock Concept Reassures Me

Even if I’m scraping along it

I studied geography at University. It often gets dismissed — unfairly — as a “nothing” subject. In fact, it’s an “everything” subject, because everything and anything on this planet of ours, is geography. I find little geographical concepts pop up frequently in my way of understanding and living life.

Bedrock, in geographical (and geological) terms is the solid rock beneath looser earth (soil). Above bedrock is easily moved, eroded, shifted. Bedrock doesn’t tend to budge.

I like to think of there being bedrock in place in parts of my life. In certain key relationships. In certain key habits. Things can get bad, but I won’t let them get below a certain level.

It’s not nice to scrape along bedrock, but it gives me something solid to push off as I aim to climb back up.

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