How To End Your Working Week Right So You Can Enjoy Your Weekend

Virtually no-one does this. Do it and feel the difference.

Andy Taylor
7 min readOct 31, 2020


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The way you finish your working week is just as important as how you start it. Maybe more so.

End it right, and you put it to bed.

You’re free to rest and recharge for the weekend. And you’re all set to work better next week.

Here’s how…

Treat Yourself To A Burger

Not an actual one. Not yet. This is a feedback burger. The buns are good — the bit in the middle is something to work on.

The feedback burger (also known as a s**t sandwich, but this is a family show) is a classic device.

It makes the negative easier to digest because on either side of it are two positivies you should be proud of.

Give yourself five minutes — it doesn’t have to take long.

Write down two things you did in your work week that went well. Then, write down one thing that could have gone better.

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This is, effectively, a micro-journaling exercise. The combination of noticing, writing, then questioning is powerful. It’s a technique we seem happy to use in our personal lives — why not our professional lives?

Whatever you put in the middle of your burger — pay attention to it.

Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t avoid it. Just notice.

“It’s important to notice when we might avoid a particular topic or question and ask ourselves what we’re avoiding and why.”― Hannah Braime, ‘The Year of You: 365 Journal Writing Prompts for Creative Self-Discovery’

Reminding yourself of things you’re good at breeds self-confidence. Noticing and processing things that are hard for you is healthy.

The worst thing you can do is sweep them under the carpet.



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