Photo by Claudio Schwarz | @purzlbaum on Unsplash

How To Strip The Soul Out Of Gift-Giving

It’s not about commercialism and box-ticking

Sending cards and gifts to people on their birthdays or Christmas is a lovely thing to do. But only if you actually want to do it.

There are better ways to show someone you’re thinking of them on a special day than clicking a product on Amazon, then scrawling your name on a card that already has ‘Happy Birthday’ printed on it.

Pick up the phone, write an email, record a video message — do something that requires words, expression, and real thought.

“Ah, but it’s the thought that counts,” people say, as they mindlessly order off a gift-list they asked you to send them. We don’t need more stuff, we could all do with more moments of genuine connection.

Here’s a thought that counts — only give a gift if you want to.

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