Photo by Ravi Palwe on Unsplash

If In Doubt, Reach Out

The world is built on connections

This is NOT an article about networking, or LinkedIn.

*everyone breathe a sigh of relief*

It’s about situations where you have a choice between throwing your hat in the ring, or being an observer.

It’s about what Ian Higginbottom calls “being visible”

Ian had a choice in his career — to share his idea with those he thought it could help, or wait. He went for it, pushing through fear. It paid off.

I faced a similar situation this week. A deadline to apply for a scheme to connect my company across Europe. I hesitated, but went for it in in the end.

There is a risk whenever we reach out. We could look silly, get rejected, or ripped off. But, actually it’s less likely than we think. And the opportunities out there are far greater than we imagine.

I want to learn. I try to grow. I’d love to help.

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