Photo by Sébastien Goldberg on Unsplash

If You Can Escape The Routine, Do

Take every chance to live without clock-watching

There are seasons in our lives. If you choose to have kids, then there’s a decade when you basically have to live by routine. Meals, bedtimes, school runs, activities — they all require logistics. You feel a million miles away from who you were 20 years ago. Travelling, adventurous, following your nose.

So if you get a chance to escape routine, do. And don’t be afraid to do it on your own. You are still you. Your family may complete you, but they don’t define you. Just living by yourself, especially alone in your own home, feels so different, it’s thrilling.

Don’t look at the clock. Do what you feel. Be busy. Attempt those “if only I had the time” jobs. Go watch the sunset. That’s what I’ll be doing this evening. I can’t wait.

I want to learn. I try to grow. I’d love to help.

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