Photo by Camille Brodard on Unsplash

It Has Never Been Easier To Create

So what’s stopping you?

The old-school writer gets romanticised. Strong coffee, plentiful wine, clanking away at an old typewriter as the sun pours in through a wooden shuttered window.

Same for the rock band in the garage with their beat-up tourbus, or the film-maker with their vintage camera and skeleton crew in a stunningly beautiful deserted location.

It’s partly due to these — largely inaccurate — mental images that we stop ourselves trying. We’re not cool enough, not the troubadour type or the free spirit we think we need to be to make great art.

But it’s nonsense. We’ve never had better access to free tools to tell stories and evoke feelings or insights which could change people’s lives.

Who is the artist? The one who looks or acts like one, or the one who creates?

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