Photo by Stephen Hateley on Unsplash

I’ve Spent 30 Years Misunderstanding This Analogy

“Life is a rollercoaster.”

It’s a cliché. It’s also a cheesy pop song in the UK (not sure Ronan Keating ever made it big in the States).

I thought I knew what it meant. Life is full of ups and downs, twists and turns. But this analogy has a lot more to give.

Ever felt not in control of your life? As if someone in a control booth is pushing buttons you don’t have access to?

What about feeling that your path isn’t one you could change even if you wanted to? There’s no option to get off.

Add in those times you’re really enjoying the view as you trundle along and then you’re catapulted violently down and sideways.

And don’t forget — the board full of photos which you can look at and check that, yes, you were indeed having a great time.

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