Photo by Misqal Novio Reeza on Unsplash

Learn How Small We Are — It Will Help You See The Possible

Perspective can change you

Stand on the North Somerset coast and look across the Severn estuary, you can see the shape of Wales and two cities — Cardiff and Newport. It’s a rare chance to link perspectives. What you know is true on a map suddenly becomes real in front of you.

It’s HUGE. Vast expanses of empty land in a place you might consider bustling.

There is no end to what is possible in our lives. Even doing exactly the same as you do now, one block away, would be a completely different experience. There are millions of future potential combinations of choices ahead.

We assume we’re stuck. This means that and that means this, forever. Hit yourself with perspective, learn how small you are and realise this…

If you don’t like you life, you can change it.

I want to learn. I try to grow. I’d love to help.

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