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Life Is All About How You Deal With The Venn Overlaps

This fascinating article by Emily Jennings — about friends breaking into an abandoned hotel years ago, got me thinking…

Adventure is important. Responsibility and respect are important too.

How do you negotiate the Venn diagram intersection where they clash?

This eloquent (as ever) article by Genius Turner — all about gratitude and perception shaping reality, also got me thinking…

If gratitude and positivity lead to happiness, but you’re feeling hopeless, what happens when theory and feelings intersect?

As humans we face conflicting forces constantly. How we navigate the messy overlaps makes us who we are.

I’m minded to recall what an old (brilliant) boss told me:

“If you’ve thought about what you’re doing, and you make a mistake, I’ll defend you, even if you’re wrong. But if you haven’t thought about it at all, then we’re in trouble.”

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