Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

Life’s Better Post-Newspapers

Fewer agendas, more voices

10 years ago I read newspapers. Free papers morning and evening while commuting. On Saturdays, a big broadsheet to work through over the weekend.

Now, I get news from the radio and online. In the UK there’s the BBC. Every side accuses it of bias — that’s a good sign.

And… I read a lot on Medium.

Any media platform is a product of its structure. Newspapers have agendas. Who owns them? Who edits them? Even the BBC is influenced by its big hitters (out front or behind the scenes).

Medium isnt the truly diverse platform we want it to be. There’s curation. There are “stars”. Who has the time to write on Medium? Everyone?

But still, I hear a greater variety of voices, have explored wider, and think more independently without newspapers than with them.

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