Photo by Aksh yadav on Unsplash

Make A Hope Investment

Feeling down? Watch a depressing film. Counter-intuitive, but effective. Seeing the world end and people lose everyone and everything is unsettling. But later, observation and logic kick in.

Has the world ended? No. Have I lost everyone and everything. No.

The day after watching ‘Midnight Sky’ on Netflix, I bought tickets to a cricket game in June.

Now I see the link.

Reminded of everything I still have, I made a hope investment.

For the first game, tickets to go with my eldest child. For the second game, tickets to take two friends. I didn’t ask if they were free, I don’t even know if one of them likes cricket.

I just did it. Then told them — we’re going. My treat. Something to look forward to.

Maybe it will be cancelled. Who knows? Creating a future moment of shared joy… that’s worthwhile.

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