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Make Your Thinking Time Your Writing Time

Double efficiency double impact

As our lives become busier, we spend less time thinking. I don’t mean “chat it over with your mates” or “do some Googling” type thinking, I mean reflecting in silence alone.

It may be the most powerful tool you have to improve your life.

Progress comes by researching, planning then taking action. The glue that holds the whole process together, is thinking.

If you don’t have time to think, make some. Thinking is something you can do while doing something else, as long as it helps the process, not hinders. Instead of walking or running with headphones, move in silence and let your brain get to work. Or, write, and get double value.

I write a short form article every morning. I don’t plan them (you can probably tell!) I just sit and think. And write. It helps.

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