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My New Favourite Thing To Do On Medium

I write two articles a day at the moment. One short-form in the morning and one for my 100 Days 100 Ways project in the evening. Both self-published.

Yes, I’m breaking all “the rules” of how to be successful on Medium, but I enjoy it. And this change in attitude — go my own way — has led to other cool discoveries.

I love to dig out brand new articles by new or smaller writers, and quote them in my own writing. It’s so easy to end up reading older popular articles by “big name” writers, but dig deeper and there is so much quality.

It’s just a positive thing to do. Thanks to Paul Ryburn, M.Sc. for the key nugget of information. To find the latest articles under any tag, just use:<insert tag here>/latest

Get digging!

I want to learn. I try to grow. I’d love to help.

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