Photo by Elizabeth French on Unsplash

Nature’s Playground

If you can get there, adventure awaits

Sometimes we need reminding of basics. Kids do know how to entertain themselves. The natural world can provide adventure just as rich (and a lot more tangible) than a video game.

I’m not against video games — I’m totally for them. Problem-solving, creativity, teamwork — video games can improve them all. But we’ve had months of screens, gardens and surrounding streets being the only context for exploration. Yesterday, we made it to the coast.

A joyful reminder that beach boulders to navigate, rock formations to clamber on, steep grassy hills to climb (and roll down) make a great playground. The sea air (who knows the science — is there any?!) invigorates you.

But. You have to be able to get there. If you can’t afford a car, it’s tough. Never judge anyone for not exploring nature if they can’t get there.

I want to learn. I try to grow. I’d love to help.

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