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Rainy Days Make You Appreciate The Sunny Ones

Don’t define, welcome

A lot of our lives get lived in opposites. We’re either happy or sad. Young or old. Fat or thin. Of course these definitions are complete nonsense, because where do you draw the line? When does young become old? Or fat become thin? Everyone’s lines are different.

But what I’ve just done there is miss my own point (which is quite a trick when you think about it). Instead of seeing opposites, or imploding your own brain trying to pick where the dividing line is, pick an approach of appreciation.

After weeks of rain, you get a sunny day and it’s… marvellous. The lessons you learn in youth help you as you age. Even fat and thin, there’s an angle, (somewhere!)

The point is, whatever we are experiencing, there will be a counterpoint for us to appreciate. One day.

I want to learn. I try to grow. I’d love to help.

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