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Read Wide, Write Narrow

Don’t recycle ideas, bring new perspectives

It’s hard to come up with anything brand new. But we can do better than re-hashing other’s work, rolling the dice on headlines and tags and hoping Mr Al Go-Rithm does the rest.

You might write about self-improvement, but you have a whole life’s worth of experience in other industries, contexts and passions. Explore them.

I enjoy finding quotes, insights and inspiration from totally unrelated fields and working out how to apply them to the specific topic I’m writing about. It moves the discussion forward toward a new place.

For example, in a book about football tactics I’m reading, this popped up:

“Nothing breeds conservatism more surely than success” — Jonathan Wilson, ‘Inverting The Pyramid: The History Of Football Tactics

Jonathan was talking about football, but that is an insight which rings true on a much wider scale.

I want to learn. I try to grow. I’d love to help.

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