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Reading Is The New Listening

Less noise, more exchange of ideas

We’re bombarded with information. The quantity is increasing, the quality is debatable and the size is shrinking. Bite-size is becoming the norm. And here I am writing short-form.

What is the point of information? Of words and conversations? It’s to exchange ideas and increase understanding. In this snowstorm of data, can we give any one thought the attention it deserves?

This is where Medium helps. You get access to a vast array of voices — different backgrounds, varied subjects, contrasting opinions — which you read.

It’s impossible to read two things at the same time. So you give your attention.

You don’t answer back to an article. Not instantly anyway. You let it finish its point. You don’t interrupt, or shut down, or intimidate. Whatever reputation, power or attitude you the reader have, my words are still here.

I want to learn. I try to grow. I’d love to help.

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