Photo by Johann Walter Bantz on Unsplash

Roll With The Punches

The ultimate life skill

We can plan all we want, but, ultimately, we’re not totally in control of our lives. Things will happen to surprise us, and they won’t always be good.

The key skill we have to master is the art of keeping going. Adapting, adjusting, and pressing on.

When you face bad news, or a change of plans, or a disappointment, someone may say this phrase to you:

“Roll with the punches”

It’s a boxing term. Its means moving your body in such a way that the impact of your opponent’s blows are lessened. Here’s the crucial part — you can’t dodge those blows entirely. No-one will live an unchallenged life.

But if you can anticipate, react, and have an unshakeable desire to “stay in the game” that is life, then you’ll be able to face anything and everything.

And you will.

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