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Start These Three Daily Habits Today And Your Life Will Improve

Stop putting off happiness and progress

Andy Taylor
5 min readSep 27, 2021


Sometimes we overcomplicate. Sorting the things out that are holding us back seems an impossible dream. We don’t have the time or we just don’t believe we have it in us.

But you are stronger than you think. Change can happen quicker than you expect. The process is less painful than you worry it will be.

Habits are big at the moment. Whether it’s James Clear’s atomic ones, or BJ Fogg’s tiny ones, the idea is the same — do good stuff over and over and things get better.

You just have to start.

Here are three really easy places to begin in three key areas — body, mind and spirit.


You don’t need me to tell you that exercise is good for you. Or that time spent outdoors in nature makes you feel better. These are basics.

But it’s surprising how few of us make outdoor exercise — of any kind — a daily commitment.

Instead we talk about re-joining the gym “one day” or we follow the herd and start a fitness plan in January, which is the worst time to begin for so many reasons.

I’ll make a bet with you — if you commit to at least a 20 minute walk, outside, every weekday and do it for just 2 weeks, you’ll notice a huge difference.

That’s not hard to fit in. Most of us can manage it. The key is to make it as natural and regular a part of our day as cleaning our teeth. So it would feel weird if you didn’t do it.

We’re all lazy and we’re all busy. I get it.

If getting exercise means putting your gym kit on, travelling to the gym and back, or getting wet and muddy, then showering, changing and adding to the washing pile, then it becomes a chore.

Chores get put off. Routine just happens.

So commit at a stupendously simple level, and let time and repetition do the heavy lifting.

The way I have managed to get exercise to become a daily part of my life is via a 5 minute body weight strength workout (30 press ups, 3 x 30 secs plank, 30 squats) that I do every…



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