Photo by Romain Chollet on Unsplash

Stop Subconsciously Ranking People

You do you, let them be them

When I was at school, we had a day of talks and presentations under the theme of “success”.

But the person delivering the keynote went rogue. They saw an audience of 16 and 17 years olds and decided, on the spot, to talk about how to have “success” in the world of dating! You could see the teachers exchanging looks. We loved it.

One theory stuck with me. This idea that we are all constantly sizing each other up. In terms of attraction, the theory is that a self-ranked 7/10 will go for another 7/10.

Unfortunately, we do it in all areas of life. I thought it was nonsense then and I think it’s nonsense now. Don’t rank anyone. Be the best you can be (if you choose to) and let others get on with their lives.

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