Photo by Guillermo Latorre on Unsplash

The Joy Of Seeing Others Do Well

Life is not a competition

We get so pre-occupied with making ourselves successful that we forget other people. Often we’re actively encouraged to ignore other people. Laser focus. Eyes on the prize. Be the best, beat the rest.

It’s all nonsense.

We are all humans together. By some miracle we get brought into existence on this earth together. Surely we should all be trying to do well. Not pitting ourselves against each other.

I started writing on this platform in August 2020. There are some writers who started around the same time as me, who I can now see are having great success. I’m thrilled for them. They totally deserve it. They’ve worked hard, kept going, and are starting to get real traction.

I love seeing people do well. It’s inspiring, invigorating and satisfying. Not only for them, for me too.

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