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The Mistaken Assumption Behind Social Media Tech

Is it just me?

I like to discover under-the-radar articles, read them and comment on them. I guess you could say I’m, uh, “relational” (yes Ev Williams, I’ll be the new poster boy for Medium, no worries, talk to my agent).

I circumvent the algorithm and find things Medium doesn’t think I want to read. There’s a mistaken assumption behind so much social media back-end tech — the idea that you want more of the same.

No, my life is made up of the same stuff. Same house, same job, same friends, same family, same me. I love them all, but I want to expand my horizons, not live in an echo chamber.

That stuff I’ve looked at before? I know where it is, I can find it again. So can someone fit a “random” button on Medium please?

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