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The Older Bit We Can’t Control. But The Wiser Bit…

School started for me aged 4. When I left university and started my career, I was 23. 19 years in education. I was ready to never see another book, report, desk, classroom or exam again in my life.

But if you see learning as just a stage you need to get through, a box to tick, a section on your CV that needs to look good, then you’re missing the point (just like I did).

No-one can ever know everything. But we can know as much as possible.

“I’m older and wiser,” people say. But just because we’re older, doesn’t mean we are wiser. We’ve all met some pretty uninformed and blinkered old people. We could easily become like that ourselves.

Stay open. Keep learning. Search out new experiences and new perspectives, whatever your age.

I want to learn. I try to grow. I’d love to help.

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