The One Word You Need to Remember to Master Weight loss

Conquer this and you’re good…

Andy Taylor


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If you need or want to lose weight, it will be in your thoughts constantly, until you reach the healthy weight you are aiming for.

This is a truth you have to accept.

And trust me, acceptance is a hugely important word when it comes to losing weight.

Accept where you are. Accept the mental and physical “right now reality” you have. Accept the work. Accept the sacrifices. Accept the timescale. Accept the judgement.

Accept that the world is out to get you (believe me — live “normally” and you will gain weight).

But “acceptance” is not the word that most counts here.

The Road long-travelled

To discover the one word that rules them all when it comes to weight loss… you need to have lived this for a long time. To have tried and failed. Over and over.

And remember this.

Weight loss is very personal. What works for me might not work for you. Anyone who says they have “the solution” is just trying to sell you something.

That means their priority is their bank balance, not your health.

So losing weight requires a lot of self-reflection and honesty, plus trial and error. You will kiss many frogs before you find your prince.

And, in reality, what works for you is likely to be a totally unique amalgam of thoughts, theories, programmes, articles, books and the (often un-asked for) advice of friends and family.

Add in another variable: Time.

A successful method for you to lose or maintain weight in your child-free twenties may well be very different from what delivers in your family-life forties.

Weight loss is an increasingly small and ever moving target, especially as you age.

(Of course for those for whom weight has never been an issue, due to different mental and physical situations, they don’t get this. They just think overweight people are useless and lazy.)

But whatever method you choose to lose weight, whichever path through the maze you take…



Andy Taylor

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