Photo by Paolo Chiabrando on Unsplash

The Two Paces Of Change

How can the same process feel so different?

When I was a kid and failing to put my coat on with any urgency, my Mum (who was in a hurry — I understand now, as a parent, you’re always in a hurry) would say this to me:

“You only have two speeds: slow and stop.”

It was always said with kindness. Change also has two speeds. Lightining quick when it’s happening to us, and glacial when we’re trying to change ourselves.

The instant shock of external change— a global pandemic, a job loss, a new opportunity — makes us scramble to adjust. Internal change? We’re back to slow and stop.

Perhaps the answer is to always expect external change, and constantly be chipping away at internal change. Accept it is a constant presence, perhaps even a friend, rather than a surprise guest.

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