Photo by David Travis on Unsplash

There Is A Lens On Everything

But sometimes knowing that is enough

If you’re a glasses wearer (like me) it never fails to amaze you how different the world looks when you take your spectacles off — everything changes, you lose so much of what you instinctively rely on, that you feel, well, scared in a way.

There is a lens on everything we see, do, think, feel and interact with. That in itself is scary. How can we possibly remove them all? How can we exist when we are so detached from “the truth”?

Lenses can be helpful, they can lead to empathy, or a fresh approach to a problem.

But we must continue to assess our own lenses. Are they fair? Are they based on a variety of opinions? To stretch the analogy, sometimes we need to clean our glasses and sometimes we need an eye test.

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