Author’s own drawing (I’m ashamed to say haha)

Things We Did As Kids We Should Have Kept Doing

Drawing — we only stop being good at drawing because we stop drawing. We don’t stop writing, reading, talking or using numbers. Yes, that’s my drawing of a horse. Yes, it’s awful.

Discussing — the staple of so many classes at school. Learn about a subject, then talk in a group about it. Guess what, the subjects weren’t “last night’s TV” or “Did you see what x posted on Insta?”

Playing outside — as a kid you’d spend hours just playing out. As adults, we tend to use the outdoors for lone exercise. We’ve forgotten how to just live our lives outside.

Getting out old stuff — as a kid, you get bored, you moan about it, you dig out forgotten toys, and you re-discover. As adults, we just fill the local storage center with junk.

Perhaps it’s time to regress.

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