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This Has Been My Most Creative Year

And I’m not putting a number on it

Comparing yourself to others is about the worst thing you can do for your mental health. I feel out of step because I avoid two things that many attach great value to:

  • Career status
  • Social media

Both depend on comparison (conscious or subconscious) to know “how you’re doing”. Did I get promoted? What’s my job title? What shall I post today? What’s going to make people think I’m doing well?

Nonsense, the whole lot of it.

Since rejecting them, a funny thing has happened. My own passion and talent for creativity has blossomed. Since starting my own company I’ve invented a brand new product. Outside of work I’ve taken up brewing, writing and I even wrote a song this week.

Reject what you need to reject. Sing along to your own tune, not the world’s.

I want to learn. I try to grow. I’d love to help.

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