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Three Words To Fall Back On: Get. It. Done.

When flow turns to No

It doesn’t matter how many self-help articles you read, how much you journal, meditate or time-block. Sometimes you just don’t feel like doing whatever needs doing. Your work, your exercise, your chores.

Three words help — Get. It. Done.

Get it out of the way, and the rest of your life can begin. It’s a triple win:

  • The task is done
  • You can stop worrying about it
  • You can do something more fun

Dump perfectionism. There’s no time to worry, re-do, finesse, consult, meander or put it off.

Once it’s done, for sure, reflect, learn lessons, improve. But that process can’t start until you get it done. We could enter an endless feedback loop of clichés here. They all boil down to the same thing:

Get it done.

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