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Three Words To Keep You Going

I have Ayodeji Awosika to thank for my writing habit. He inspired me. He set a goal (earn a living through writing), researched a process, then got to work. He persevered, and he got there.

I don’t have ambitions to make a living writing — it’s the perseverance in his story that got me.

Ayo has a good take on delaying gratification — choosing the pain, and keeping going through it, to reach the gain (eventually). It is hard. We want results now.

Here’s an approach he suggests. Wipe the slate clean each day, then keep this three word challenge in mind:

Win the day.

Win enough days in a row and you progress. Simple.

It breaks self-improvement into achievable daily goals, and builds in the self-forgiveness (wipe the slate clean) that we all need.

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