Photo by Bradyn Trollip on Unsplash

Tip The First Domino

Change starts with a tiny decisive move

Our lives improve with change. A phrase on a poster from 20 years ago is burnt on my mind:

“If You Don’t Like Your Life You Can Change It”

Simple. Powerful. True. But there follows more questions — How do I change? What do I change? Where do I start?

Here’s a revelation — change doesn’t need to be big. It doesn’t need to be all at once. No-one need know about it but you. And once you change one tiny thing, and see it’s not so hard, that domino can knock over the next, and the next and so on.

Try changing one tiny thing in your life tomorrow (not even one that is designed to “improve” anything). Get up at a different time. Wear a different outfit. Walk a new route. You have just tipped the first domino.

I want to learn. I try to grow. I’d love to help.

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