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Visualize To Beat Nerves

Go to your happy place

There are moments when we have to perform. It could be an exam, a presentation or a big game. We over-emphasize the importance of preparation and neglect the moment of delivery.

You may be an inspirational leader day-to-day. But, if you can’t get on stage at conference and demonstrate that to hundreds of people, then those people — who’ve never met you before — don’t see it.

Visualization helps. Picture where it is you do whatever you’re about to do, best — where you do it brilliantly without thinking. Maybe in the office, with your mates, or even on your sofa with a cup of tea. Transport yourself there at the moment of performance.

Your brain is more powerful than you think. You can mentally be somewhere else (to feel comfortable and confident) whilst being fully physically present on your stage.

I want to learn. I try to grow. I’d love to help.

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