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We All Have The Same Amount Of Hours

It’s possible to tear up the script

There’s a fine line between routine and rut. They both involve doing the same things over and again, but their effects are totally different. Routine is powerful, effective and positive. A rut is restrictive, hard to escape, and takes you away from your goals.

One thing that disappears when you’re stuck in a rut, is time. You get to the end of a manic day and feel as if you have achieved nothing.

Stop. Remember — our lives are ours to choose what to do with. It is possible to change jobs. It is possible to leave a relationship that isn’t healthy. It is possible to change the way you eat, exercise, sleep. The script can be torn up.

We all get 24 hours each day. Only you get to choose how you spend them.

I want to learn. I try to grow. I’d love to help.

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