Weight Loss: The Doom Cycle Uncovered

…but there is a way to beat it

Andy Taylor


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I have been troubled by my weight for 98.2% of my adult life. Yes, I did the math. Between the ages of 18 and 46 there have only been 6 months when I have lived at a genuinely healthy (and happy) weight.

Perhaps you are the same. Maybe for you, like me, getting to and staying at a healthy weight is something that you’ve just never managed to crack.

And it gnaws away at you.

One thing that comes with thinking about one subject for a very long time is insight. Slowly things dawn on you.

In the back of your mind, patterns get analyzed, cogs turn and suddenly, when you least expect it, a golden nugget of realization can appear.

This happened to me recently.

And I want to share what I discovered, because it has been immediately useful to me. I hope it can help you too.


Let me give you the short story of my weight “journey”. Chubby as a kid, I had picked up from somewhere the idea that you can eat your feelings. Sad? Have an ice cream to cheer up. Something to celebrate? Here’s a cake.

I was never huge. I was always solidly in the overweight category and sometimes tipped into obese. But, I always seemed to wear the weight well. People didn’t think of me as fat and always seemed surprised to hear I had an issue with it.

But then… I was bullied as a kid for being overweight and in my twenties and thirties when having that “celeb lookalike” conversation with mates, I always got likened to fat guys.

So, maybe people did think I was fat but just tried to be nice.

Whatever, it doesn’t matter. The fact is I have always had an idea of my weight and BMI from my late teens onwards, it’s nearly always been too high and rarely have I felt confident or in shape.

Socialising via alcohol — as most of the adults in the western world do — is just a killer for me. Empty calories and awful food choices on the night… no energy to exercise and even worse food choices the day after.

Repeat for near on 30 years.



Andy Taylor

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